SLE 66R35

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With multi-application functionality

The SLE 66R35x is suited for the use in multi-application schemes, for example combining a transportation fare collection scheme and a ticketing system such as a stadium ticketing. Both applications can be performed with the same card, as hierarchical key management is supported.


The RF communication interface transmits at 106 kbit/s resulting in short transaction times, the effect being that a card user can move freely through a reader gate with minimum disruption. A typical ticketing transaction can be handled in less than 100 ms. Robust contactless transmission means that the card with SLE 66R35x may also remain in the wallet of the user even if there are coins in it.

Security Features

Access to SLE 66R35x is only allowed after a three-pass authentication. For SLE 66R35E7 the serial number is unique for each card and cannot be changed. Each data transmission is enciphered. Protection from misuse is done by configurable access conditions that are protected by secret keys used for memory operations such as read or write.


  • SLE 66R35I: 4-byte, fixed number, non unique IDentifier (FNUID)
  • SLE 66R35R 4-byte fixed reused IDentifier (r-ID)
  • SLE 66R35E7 7-byte Unique IDentifier (UID)

Product Product Description Applications Interfaces Memory EEPROM (admin) EEPROM (user) Security Features Distance (read/write) Data Rate Endurance Retention Time
Matching Results: 1
descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending
SLE 66R35   (E7) = Supporting 7-byte UID
(I) = Supporting 4-byte fixed number,non unique ID
(R) = Supporting 4-byte reused ID
Intelligent 1kByte EEPROM
Transport ticketing
ISO/IEC 14443-3 Type A
16 fixed sectors
256.0 Byte
768.0 Byte
mutual three pass authentication with 48-bit keys
transport key
Typically up to 10cm and above
106kbit/s to card
106kbit/s to reader
10.0 year

Application Brochure

Title Size Date Version
767 KB 05 Apr 2015 03_15
1.5 MB 18 Feb 2016 02_16

Product Selection Guide

Title Size Date Version
2.1 MB 03 Nov 2015 11_15

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