Orderable Part Number OPN Translation Table

Orderable Part Number OPN Identifiers

The descriptive identifiers within the OPN tell you more about the product attributes. Please find the related information below.

Example for an OPN (the OPN relevant suffix are the last 5 digits)

1st digit: RoHS, Halogen and Totally Lead Free Status

2nd and 3d digit: Packing type, Moisture Protection Packing and Packing Size

The 2nd digit shows the functional packing type in combination with the moisture protection packing.

The 3rd digit shows the number of devices per functional packing or the number of functional packings (denoted with 1)

  Examples for packing type- and size

1. TLE4250G with OPN TLE4250GNTSA1 and TLE4250GNTMA1
This product comes on two different reel sizes: 180mm and 330mm.
One can see from the second digit that the product comes on tape & reel (T). Now the packing size can be determined by the third identifier. This product comes as “S” and “M”.
“S” means 180mm, “M” means 330mm. Even if this detail was not known, it becomes obvious on first sight that TLE4250GNTSA1 is smaller than TLE4250GNTMA1.

2. SAE800G with OPN SAE800GXLLA1
This product comes in Tubes (indicated by the “L” in the 2nd digit ). The third digit of the OPN is also an “L” which indicates that there are between 21 and 40 tubes per box.

3. SIPC03S2N03L with OPN SIPC03S2N03LX3MA1
This product comes on Tape & Reel bare die (3). The third identifiers (M) indicates that there are between 2001 and 5000 bare dies on the reel.

Although none of the packing size indications gives an exact number of products per packing, it allows you to distinguish between two different products: You can immediately see which product

4th and 5th digit: Designator

The designator increments (e.g. from A1 to A2) whenever a new SP number is set up that does not differ from a previous product in either Salesname or the first three OPN suffix identifiers. Product variants such as different temperature ranges or ROM codes can therefore be recognized by the designator.