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Two-chip Keyfob/ Remote System Example

This Remote Control example is a combo evaluation kit consisting of a TDA7110F based keyfob example and a TDA7210V based receiver board as receiving counterpart forming a typical remote control application. The available wireless protocol and software example establish a wireless communication link upon the installation of the evaluation kit and as such enables an easy and fast development.


  • This Remote Control example is a typical application design for a wireless remote control transmitter based on  TDA7110F, an ASK/FSK transmitter for 434 MHz and a third-party microcontroller. A design goal was reasonable RF- performance despite of very restricted physical dimensions of the keyfob’s housing and lowest system cost. With the  434 MHz PCB-loop-antenna and an optimized RF-matching network the radiated power spectrum complies with FCC  and ETSI regulations for wireless devices.
  • The TDA7210V Remote Control Receiver Board represents a typical design example how the TDA7210V can be used  as a receiving component in a remote control application. On the side of the TDA7210V there is a microcontroller  decoding the received signal and driving the five output channels (See Remote Control Receiver Example).

An application note as quick start guide and support package including schematic, PCB layout, component list and microcontroller firmware can be found as download below.


Content of the Remote Control Kit:

  • 1x TDA7110F based Keyfob including housing
  • 1/4 lambda Antenna; reduced size with 50-Ohm SMA connector
  • 1x TDA7210V Remote Control Receiver Board


Order Information:

Type   Frequency Band  Ordering Code
 TDA7110F_FOB_TDA7210V  434 MHz  SP000875496

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
3.3 MB 01 Jun 2012 01_00

Application Examples

Title Size Date Version
1.9 MB 24 Oct 2012 01_00

Product Selection Guide

Title Size Date Version
22.2 MB 21 Feb 2017 00_00

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