mmW Backhaul and Fronthaul

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Infineon has in development a complete family of packaged RF transceiver for mobile backhaul – beside BGT70 and BGT80 for E-band radio, also BGT60 for V-band radio.
The family approach has the major benefit due to it´s a modular approach – one architecture supporting the three backhaul frequency ranges of 60, 70 and 80 GHz. Customers can easily design all three radio versions with the same RF footprint as the package is same for all three transceiver. 



Characteristics of different Base Station Sizes

Base Station Picocell Microcell Macrocell
Range 10 - 200m 200m - 2km 1 - 30km
No. of users 8 - 32 64+ 200+
Typical application SMB, enterprise, public indoor areas Metro outdoors, city centers, capacity hotspots Outdoor coverage
Deployment scenario Enterprise or operator deployed Operator deployed Operator deployed


                                     Backhaul Network Example



Product OPN Product Status Order Online Packages Green Frequency Psat (typ) Rx Gain (typ) NFDSB (typ) ICCRx / Tx
Matching Results: 3                  
descending ascending           descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending


active and preferred




57.0-64.0 GHz
14.0 dBm
22.0 dB
7.0 dB
350/480 mA @3.3V


active and preferred




71.0-76.0 GHz
14.0 dBm
20.0 dB
8.0 dB
350/480 mA @ 3.3V


active and preferred




81.0-86.0 GHz
10.0 dBm
20.0 dB
9.0 dB
350/480 mA @ 3.3V

Our Partner


Infineon Technologies AG and GreenWaves S.r.l. agreed on establishing a partnership, started in April 2014, particularly focused on mmW and RF Power applications. GreenWaves is Start Up Company is composed of former top managers and highly experienced engineers coming from Nokia Siemens Networks Microwave R&D department in Gorgonzola – Milan (Italy).


The scope of this cooperation is to demonstrate the quality and performance of Infineon devices. Infineon is continuously progressing from a product manufacturer to a system partner. The cooperation with GreenWaves will help us not only to strengthen our joint system expertise but also to leverage it in order to provide better solutions and support to our customers.


For this purpose GreenWaves is committed to design, develop, implement and test any kind of reference or demo boards to support Infineon and its customers. GreenWaves acts for Infineon as a System Design House Partner being able to offer complete system solutions for backhauling to GreenWaves and Infineon’s customers upon specific requests and needs.




Title Size Date Version
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1.8 MB 13 Feb 2015 01_00

Product Selection Guide

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FAQ Document

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Product Brief

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436 KB 22 Sep 2014


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PCB Design Data

Title Size Date Version
10 KB 26 Sep 2014 01_00


Video_EBand 80GHz

E-Band front end module 80GHz


With the growing number of apps, cloud computing, video streaming and other bandwidth consuming services the demand for mobile data services will continue to grow rapidly. To provide good Quality-of-Service (availability, fast speed, connectivity) at reasonable prices to the end customers the network operators also need the backhaul networks which have low latency, much higher capacity and lower total cost of ownership. Because of the wider bandwidths available in lightly licenced E-Band (71-76GHz & 81-86GHz), E-Band radio links are the right choice for Backhaul applications. Also ease of deployment, longer range and lower TCO is definitely an advantage for this technology. Infineon’s SiGe transceivers’ BGT70 and BGT80 based on its B7HF200 process and integrated inside the Embedded Wafer level ball grid Array package (eWLB) enable such a radio link. Infineon developed a RF front end system solution which operates at >3Gbps using QAM256 in 500MHz channel bandwidth.


Lenght: 7:36



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