EtherCAT® Deployment
Made easy with XMC4800 and new XMC4300 industrial microcontrollers

EtherCAT® implementation

XMC4800 and the new XMC4300 are the industry’s first-ever microcontrollers with integrated EtherCAT® node on an ARM® Cortex®-M processor with on-chip flash and analog/mixed signal capabilities. Thus enabling the most compact designs, both series require no additional components such as dedicated EtherCAT® ASIC, external memory or a quartz clock generator to start up the EtherCAT® slave controller. Designers benefit from BOM cost and PCB space savings.

As both, XMC4800 and the new XMC4300 series, are members of the XMC4000 Microcontroller family with full pin and code compatibility, the XMC4300 and XMC4800 are designed to the same high quality and reliability standards as the rest of the family. The XMC4300 and XMC4800 enable EtherCAT® applications in harsh environments with 125°C ambient temperatures. In addition, they will be available through 2031 or longer.

ARM ® Cortex ® M4 – XMC4800 with integrated EtherCAT® - webinar

XMC4800 & new XMC4300 industrial microcontroller series