Kintex Design and Validation Results

Xilinx Devices - Ultra Scale 20nm: XCKU040/60/75/100/114

Power Rails Rail Names IR Devices Performance Summary Schematics BOM Results
Core & Platform VCCINT, VCCINT_IO IR36021 + IR3550 (2) + IR3742 (1) 0.95V / 70A, 10A load step, 5% DC/AC (3% DC only), 88% efficiency, ~5mVpp ripple PDF DSN Bill of Materials Performance data
VCCBRAM 0.95V / 5A, 5%, 5 mVpp, 90%
VCCAUX, VCC1V8_FPGA, VCCAUX_IO, VCCADC, SYS_1V8 IR3899 1.8V / 7A to 9A, 3% at 5A load, 18mVpp ripple PDF DSN
SERDES VMGTAVCC IR38063 1V / 20A, 6.5mVpp ripple PDF DSN
VMGTAVTT IR38063 1.2V / 20A, 7.5mVpp ripple PDF DSN
System SYS_5V0 IR3892 5.0V / 1A, 5% PDF DSN
UTIL_3V3, VCCO3V3 3.3V / 6A, 5%
VCC1V2_FPGA IR3891 1.2V / 4A, 5% PDF DSN 
UTIL_3V3, VCCO3V3 3.3V / 6A, 5%
SYS_1V0 IR3823 1.0V / 2A, 5% PDF DSN