Software & Services for Motor Control Solutions
Elevate to Excellence: Accelerate Embedded Motor Control Development with our Superior Software and Services

Webinar: Infineon Software & Services for Automotive Motor Control Solutions

In this webinar you will get a crisp overview on software and services from Infineon instrumental to accelerate your development of embedded motor control systems.

This comprises a presentation of the architecture and key features of contained software building blocks, tool support for handling motor parameters in code configuration and run-time and an overview of available and upcoming software portfolio. Additionally, you will get a short introduction into Infineon’s end-to-end engineering service provider MOTEON as well as learn how to get Infineon’s software for evaluation or productive use.

Webinar: Infineon Software & Services for Automotive Motor Control Solutions

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Dirk Heinen - Senior Manager Product Marketing

Dirk has more than 20 years of professional experience in the semiconductor industry, having served various product marketing and management positions including microcontrollers, memories and sensors for both industrial and automotive markets. Since 2023 he is responsible for software product marketing for automotive motor control solutions. Dirk holds a degree in industrial engineering and management from the Munich university of applied sciences (TUM) and lives together with his wife in Munich.