WBG for next generation OBC
Enabler of ultra-high power density designs

Wide Bandgap Semiconductors have the potential to revolutionize On Board Chargers (OBC)

The OBC in an EV is responsible for converting AC grid power into DC voltage to charge the traction battery, but its size and weight can negatively impact the vehicle's range. For reducing weight and volume while supporting an ever-higher range - power density is key in OBC designs. Leading designers are working constantly towards increasing the power density levels as much as possible, with a goal to reach 6 kW/L by the end of the decade. The use of wide bandgap semiconductors in new circuit topologies and innovative packaging techniques are the key enabler to revolutionize On Board Chargers designs.

Infineon has collaborated with Silicon Austria Labs and the Power Electronic Systems Laboratory at ETH Zurich to develop two different types of automotive onboard chargers with benchmarking high-power densities to show the path towards power densities up to 10 kW/L.

Next generation On Board Chargers