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New technologies have the ability to make our cities more liveable as well as more efficient. Public transportation is one of the key liveability factors in smart cities. We seek a seamless and convenient mobility experience, going beyond the evident bus and train services in order to include more flexible systems such as car-sharing and bike rental. Furthermore, transport ticketing schemes are increasingly being merged with other services such as payment, ID, access or loyalty.

Merging payment with transport ticketing, for example, means that multi-application systems must deliver the security associated with contact-based payments along with the necessary speed and performance.

You do no longer need to rely on proprietary, single-vendor technologies to meet these evolving challenges. Platforms based on CIPURSE™ open standards overcome the limitations of proprietary technologies, proving a future-proof path.

Infineon provides you with the most complete portfolio of chip solutions for transit fare collection applications based on the CIPURSE™ open security standard. Discover more about at our booth 2C156/hall 2.

Infineon at UITP 2017