Trapped ion quantum computing
Taking quantum computing to the next level

Trapped ion quantum computing

Infineon ion traps accelerate the development of quantum computers

Infineon ion traps enable scientists and start-ups to focus on their core tasks by providing a predictable, advanced and reliable platform.

  • We help in bringing a meaningful and powerful trapped-ion quantum computer (TIQC) to life to solve the optimization problems that have been waiting for decades to be solved. 
  • We help our academic partners to focus on what they do best: Push the boundaries of science and research. 
  • We help our startup partners to focus on what they do best: Find new ways and integrate them into a successful and winning system.
Infineon image trapped ion on a chip quantum computing

Predictable, repeatable, reliable - Infineon ion traps

We know how to industrialize and combine novel materials and technologies. Infineon traps and trap designs are predictable, repeatable and reliable. We’re paving the road towards thousands of qubits by working with our partners on cryogenic control electronics and optics integration. To that end, we verify and characterize our ion trap modules in our in-house quantum laboratory.

Infineon Villach lab quantum computer ion trap

Custom tailored Process Lines in a High-Volume Fab

At our Villach fab we are capable of working with wafer diameters from 6 to 12 inch, many different substrates, and a broad variety of process materials. Therefore, we can meet the particular needs of trapped ion quantum processors in terms of substrate materials, metal properties, and surface conditioning, supporting our academic partners in pushing the boundaries of science and research. 

Infineon image chips scalable design manufacturing production