Infineon Solar Pump Motor Drive Design Challenge 2021

ईशाना वार्याणां क्षयन्तीश्चर्षणीनाम् । अपो याचामि भेषजम् ||

(Water, may the divinity in Water dwell in the Farm lands, Water, I implore you to give nutrition (to the crops))

It is estimated that the production of pumps in India is presently of the order of ₹3,500 crores, (US$ 750 million), with over one million pumps produced every year. This creates a high volume local demand for drives for solar pumps and overall pump market for energy efficient operation.

India’s vibrant pump manufacturing industry is able to meet most of the domestic market demand. However, electronics is still in infancy for this industry and most manufacturers rely on overseas suppliers for drives. This results in high forex outgo, non-build-up of local competence and weak supply chain. India has the potential to become a global lead in the solar pump industry once a complete ecosystem is in place.

Infineon Technologies, a world leader in semiconductors, launched its ‘Infineon Solar Pump Motor Drive Challenge 2021' initiative to encourage affordable and reliable solar powered irrigation systems for farmers – design and manufactured locally. Organized in collaboration with Startup India, AGNIi - housed under Invest India, and in partnership with Avnet, the program seeks the best design in motor drive solution for solar pumps.

This Challenge is open to Individuals, Startups, SMEs who are keen in designing innovative solutions for Motor drives for Solar Pump.

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