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Sensors play an increasingly important role in our daily life. For automotive ,industrial and consumer applications, Infineon offers a broad portfolio of magnetic and pressure sensor ICs with more than 2.5 billion sensors ICs shipped over the past decade, destined for a wide range of applications such as:

magnetic and pressure ICs

  • Wheel speed sensors for ABS and ESP systems
  • Pressure sensors for side airbag and pedestrian protection systems
  • Hall switches for body applications such as window lift modules
  • Crankshaft, camshaft and transmission speed sensors for powertrain systems
  • And a growing number of sensor driven industrial and consumer applications enabling more comfortable and energy-saving concepts

We develop sensors for a wide range of industrial applications, including renewable energy,industrial automation and e-mobility. Our offering here includes products such as magnetic position and speed sensors as well as integrated pressure sensors and current sensors. In the case of electric drives – a key area in industrial applications – our portfolio comprises a full range of energy-saving sensors for electric commutated drives. In the increasingly important solar sector, our current sensors help our customers achieve optimum system efficiency and meet country-specific regulations.

energy-saving sensors

Our broad and deep sensor offering provides the perfect fit for various industrial/home applications, including renewable energy, white goods, home automation and power tools. In the home appliances sector, electric commutated BLDC drives are being increasingly used to reduce overall power consumption. We offer a competitive range of position sensors such as Hall switches and angle sensors for reliable, energy-efficient motor commutation in BLDC drives. Our sensors are also used in applications such as smart metering, solar inverters and sun blinds.

Position Sensors

At Infineon, we focus in particular on sensors for safety applications. These include radars in automatic cruise control systems, wheel speed sensors in ABS and ESP features, pressure sensors in side airbags and pedestrian protection systems and TPMS sensors. We are the global market leader in most of these areas and our customers value the outstanding levels of quality and reliability that we deliver.

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Safety Application Sensors

MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) and BAP (Barometric Air Pressure) pressure sensors as well as crankshaft, camshaft and transmission speed sensors are key elements of modern powertrain systems. They significantly raise drivetrain efficiency. We help to optimize powertrain designs with a broad portfolio of products to fit every customer requirement.

Discover the World of Automotive Sensors

Powertrain System Sensors

The body segment presents the most diverse target market for sensors. Hall switches, for example, are deployed in classic applications such as window lift modules, whereas new seat comfort systems deploy pressure sensors to control individual pressure levels in seat cushions.

Discover the World of Automotive Sensors

Body Segment Sensors

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