Introducing the AURIX™ TC4x PPU and Hypervisor

First partners demonstrate AURIX™ capabilities

The partner ecosystem which will enable AURIX™ TC4x’s future market success is already in place. Thanks to our valued partners, two virtual demonstrations have been developed to showcase two key features of the AURIX™ TC4x, the Parallel Processing Unit (PPU) and the Hypervisor. Both demonstrations use the Synopsys Virtual Prototype Development Kit (VDK), the perfect tool to start early evaluation, available now from Synopsys.

AURIX™ TC4x PPU demostrates affordable acceleration for sensor fusion alongside partners Baselabs, Vector and Synopsys

BASELABS Create Embedded library for sensor fusion, Vector (data recorder) and MICROSAR (software) // Offering clear performance improvements over previous microcontroller generations without PPU // Synopsys' prototype Virtual Development Kit (VDK) evaluates new AURIX" TC4x

Hypervisor Virtualization features in AURIX™ TC4x. Infineon and partners show how SW solutions enable ECU consolidation in modern E/E architectures

New Hypervisor features improve software isolation and separation // Low switching time and low latency when switching between two virtual machines // Synopsys' prototype Virtual Development Kit (VDK) validates the result and reduces