sTOLL – new 7x8 mm² power MOS package
Perfect choice for future automotive applications up to 250 A

Infineon´s brand new power package: sToll - The perfect choice for future automotive applications up to 250 A

Infineon introduces sTOLL as its latest high power leadless package in 7x8 mm² with OptiMOS-5™ 40 V and OptiMOS-6™ 40 V for future automotive applications (JEDEC name is MO-319 and IEC name is HSOF-5).

sTOLL offers high current capability of 250 A, more than standard D²PAK (180A), at a footprint of 56 mm² which is even smaller than DPAK (65 mm²). In combination with Infineon’s leading OptiMOS-5™ 40 V and OptiMOS-6™ 40 V power MOS technology, sTOLL offers best in class power density and power efficiency at Infineon’s well known quality level for robust automotive packages.

With sTOLL 7x8 mm² as new package family Infineon challenges the traditional SMD packages like D²PAK (TO263) and DPAK (TO252) providing higher current capability in smaller form factor of 7x8 mm² without sacrificing thermal performance. Further sTOLL as leadless package minimizes stray inductances, package resistance and improves switching behavior over traditional packages DPAK/D²PAK significantly.

Infineon first sTOLL package family will be with OptiMOS-5™ 40 V and OptiMOS-6™ 40 V technology for all future 12 V high current automotive applications, especially EPS, DC/DC and BLDC in CO2 friendly vehicles. In a second step sTOLL package will be extended to higher voltage classes like 80 V and 100 V.

Key features

  • JEDEC registered
  • Advanced leadless package with leading MOS technology
  • 7x8 mm² small footprint
  • 250 A high current capability
  • Leadless package with low package resistance and minimized stray inductance
  • Leading technology OptiMOS-5™ 40 V and OptiMOS-6™ 40 V 
  • RDS(on) range: 0.55 mΩ – 1.4 mΩ
  • AOI capable package for Automated Optical Inspection

Key benefits

  • High power and current density 
  • High thermal capacity lead-frame package 
  • Reduced conduction losses 
  • Optimized switching behavior 
  • Reduced form factor compared to traditional DPAK/D2PAK
  • Industry standard package (JEDEC MO-319A)
  • Automotive robust package

Key applications

  • 12 V EPS 
  • 12 V BLDC 
  • 12–48 V DC/DC
  • Battery Disconnect Switch
  • Safety Switch

Package dimensions

Package Dimensions

Body Length: 6.7mm
Body Width: 7mm
Min. Terminal Pitch: 1.3mm 

Click here for a detailed information on the sToll Package PG-HSOF-5-1.


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IAUA250N04S6N007E active and preferred 40 0.7 250
IAUA250N04S6N008 active and preferred 40 0.8 250
IAUA200N04S5N010 active and preferred 40 1.0 200
IAUA180N04S5N012 active and preferred 40 1.2 180
IAUA120N04S5N014 active and preferred 40 1.4 120

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Application Diagram: 40 V sTOLL in an EPS system

Key applications