Review: Our partners @ Infineon's virtual show
Watch the recordings of the speeches of our partners Tributech and block42.

Infineon presented its leading portfolio in IoT - at Infineon's virtual show 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the key technology trends of our time – changing everything around us. Smart and connected objects link the real with the digital world, providing significant growth opportunities and benefits for society and business.

With the acquisition of Cypress, we are evolving from a leader in semiconductor components to a true leader in system solutions that are made for the IoT.

At Infineon's virtual show 2020 IoT was one of the three focus ares, together with Automotive and Industral. In numerous live sessions and at the virtual booth we presented - together with our partners - the industry's most comprehensive portfolio, making us the partner of choice for IoT projects. 


The increasing relevance of tamper-proof data for your data-driven business: Tributech's Sensor Security Module

Relying on shared data is one of the key requirements for the success of your data service or platform - no matter if the data is used for decision-making, input for data models, triggering payments or documentation.

Watch the recording:

The DeepTech-Startup Tributech was part of our virtual show as one of our security partners presenting their Sensor Security Module at the virtual booth.

Alexander Sztatecsny, COO, talked about the „Relevance of tamper-proof data for your data-driven business“ and provided insights about:
- Points of risk
- Potential implications
- Solution: Sensor Security Module + Data Space Kit
- Use Case: Equipment as a service

Please find dedicated information for a limited IoT MVP offer at, click here or visit the website:



Blockchain meets NFC: new ways to protect luxury goods and brands

Whereas NFC acts as a secure anchor to the physical world, blockchain provides an immutable and distributed storage of any digital information. Combining those two technologies unveils great opportunities for industries like luxury goods, beverages, manufacturing and many more.

Watch the demo recording:

block42, one of the pioneers in the field of blockchain technology, demonstrated how NFC and blockchain technology can be combined in order to serve as a trustful solution for brand protection.

Together with Markus Moesenbacher, Head of Product Marketing for Identity Solutions at Infineon Technologies, Lukas Goetz, CEO and Co-Founder of block42, presented, how an NFC chip can be attached to an object and its key is registered immutably in a blockchain transaction. A mobile application retrieves the chip ID and checks it against the blockchain entry.

You didn't have the opportunity to visit Infineon's virtual show and to watch the session? You don't have to miss this. All live sessions have been recorded and you can watch the recorded session.

For more information on block42 and its offering, please visit the website or have a look at the partner description below.



More information about our partners

About Tributech

Tributech is a European DeepTech-Startup providing a data audit & sharing technology ensuring trustworthy data across companies. It enables you to secure and share IoT data cross-company or cross-platform in a selective, auditable way while maintaining data sovereignty. The included blockchain technology makes sure that the data is trustworthy and not manipulated or corrupted.

Due to the increasing number of interconnected value chains between companies, trends such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of things, a growing number of so-called data-driven business models and services are emerging and require data from third-party systems. Therefore, those companies rely heavily on data-sharing.
However, when data is collected and shared across system and company borders, businesses put themselves at risk if they blindly trust the data provided without verifying data’s authenticity and integrity. System failures and/or intentional data manipulation along the data path can be fatal for every enterprise. As more and more critical business decisions are made based on data crossing different layers and system borders, enterprises need to manage these arising risks.

To provide the missing proofs, Tributech developed the Sensor Security Module. Their so-called SSM is a hardware security module that relies on the OPTIGA™ Trust M module from Infineon on creating cryptographic fingerprints straight at the source, stored, and distributed within the blockchain. Tributech’s expertise in cross-system security and data verification and Infineon’s complementary technologies have paved the way for a secure and trusted IoT.

About block42

block42 is a venture-driven tech company. The company builds products and services to support open decentralized networks. To accomplish this, block42 invests into the most promising blockchain networks and helps them grow and secure their networks. block42 provides a validator network and governs the protocols on an ongoing basis. To accelerate mass adoption of these networks the company onboards businesses by solving cross-organizational challenges.

At Infineon's virtual show 2020 block42 presented the functionality and use cases of an innovative NFC and blockchain combination solution in cooperation with Infineon's SECORA™ Blockchain to make the origin and history of a product visible: Visitors could learn how the joint solution protects and manages private keys, enabling users to securely access block chains. It is available in different form factors for easy integration into a wide range of goods. NFC-enabled phones access the block chain. Using sneakers as an example, this demo shows how this solution protects brand authenticity for luxury goods while ensuring traceability along the entire supply chain.