OPTIGA™ UWP: security integration made easy
OPTIGA™ Trust UWP will deliver turnkey secured wireless charging complying to the global open standard Qi

OPTIGA™ Trust UWP: hardware-based security for wireless charging

Following the inductive charging standard Qi

OPTIGA™ Trust UWP is Infineon's turnkey IoT security solution*, designed to meet the challenges of secured wireless charging of your most important pocket devices and beyond. OPTIGA™ Trust UWP will comply to the new global open standard Qi (Chinese: life force) for inductive charging from the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) enabling ease of design regardless of end user.

Advantages at a glance

  • secured device identification
  • correctly identified power requirements and delivery via ECC cryptography
  • trusted partnership for all Qi certified devices
  • fully compatible with WPC Qi standard and protocols
  • compliant to USB Type-C authentication standard

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*coming in 2019


Magic life force (Qi) of electricity from the air with security and safety for all

Do you dare to trust all wireless charging solutions?

Our portable devices are becoming more and more compact and ergonomic in design, they are becoming completely sealed solutions without plugs and cables. We even see this trend for larger cordless devices in smart homes and for medical, industrial or automotive applications, like in-car charging.

Today’s wireless charging works invisibly by simply placing our much loved pocket, portable devices upon a charging pad and forgetting until fully charged. No messing around with various charging cables or wear and tear on plug contacts. We are seeing wireless charging solutions ranging from the common office and home solutions, to airport lounges, bars and restaurants, hotels and various public venues, even embedded in our smart home furniture.

But can you trust in all these chargers? Will they correctly first identify and check for the correct power delivery, charging modes, and then correctly power down once charging is completed?

Hardware-based security to protect your devices

OPTIGA™ Trust UWP is our latest fully integrated security solution* including:

  • Trusted Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
  • True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
  • Common Criteria Security Certified EAL6+(high)
  • all protocols and timings with I2C serial interface
  • compliant to USB Type-C authentication standard

Seamlessly packaged in easy-to-integrate security solution and delivered in standard USON10 (3x3mm) package.

Together with the dominant global open standard for all ‘Qi’ from the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), providing a highly integrated solution allowing ease of integration and design.

* coming in 2019

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