The Needle Trench Cell: Infineon’s innovative approach to raise power MOSFET design to the next level

Infineon’s latest MOSFET technology utilizes a proprietary novel cell design which enables higher power density, efficiency and ruggedness

To reach the next level in power MOSFET evolution, new MOSFET devices are required to provide improvements across all Figure Of Merits. The needle trench cell offers distinct advantages over previous designs such as planar- and split gate trench MOSFET

Based on the advantages of a revolutionary new cell design, combined with the benefits of an advanced manufacturing technology, the new MOSFET technology family combines the benefits of:

  • Low conduction losses
  • Superior switching performance
  • Extended SOA and ruggedness

These features make these devices the ideal fit for high switching frequency applications, supporting the trend towards higher efficiency while enabling designs for higher power density and cost effectiveness.

Fig.1 Comparison of the commonly used stripe layout (left) with the new grid-like layout approach (right). [Top view]

State-of-the-art MOSFET technologies currently use an insulated field plate underneath and separated from the gate electrode in a deep trench, which is electrically connected to the source potential. A novel cell structure has been developed, pioneering true three-dimensional charge compensation for the first time.

To optimize conduction efficiency, the layout has been revamped to a grid-like structure, effectively increasing the silicon area for current conduction while reducing overall on-resistance. Furthermore, an advanced metal gate system has been implemented to reduce internal gate resistance, ensuring uniformity across the chip and contributing to consistent performance.

The direct connection of the field plate electrodes to the top side source metal ensures swift and uniform turn-on and turn-off transitions, minimizing switching losses and the risk of unwanted dynamic turn-on. This unique configuration provides enhanced control and reliability.

Discover the future of MOSFET technology today and explore its potential to elevate efficiency and reliability in various applications.

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