Why open standards?

According to the United Nations, nearly 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. That’s roughly an additional 2.5 billion people. This migration places increasing pressure on city infrastructures.

 Municipal governments are turning to technology to create sustainable ‘smart cities’ where citizens can digitally connect with city infrastructures to support their daily lives and receive new, enhanced levels of convenience across multiple adjacent services. This creates a significant opportunity for digital-based ticketing and smart mobility.

 At the foundation of this transformation, we need open standards. Open standards enable secured, convenient and interoperable transport ticketing solutions which are built on innovation, transparency and trust.

 Infineon’s commitment to open standards allows that we can meet the specific needs of any public transport operator or authority. Using specifications independently developed by a range of bodies within the transport community provides resilience and flexibility for the future while putting the PTO or PTA in control and avoiding vendor lock-in.