Gamechanging mobile technologies

Infineon’s mobile ID security solution perfectly migrates traditional eID to the mobile world.

ID goes mobile

Fast, convenient and secured

We all want speed, convenience and security when we access our bank accounts, pay for goods, use mobile ticketing, interact with the authorities, or log on to our workplace systems. Mobile technology plays an increasingly large role in the modernization of administrative processes, both internally, for the civil servants themselves, as well as for the delivery of online services. The mobile device has become the preferred access point to online services across many sectors, a trend which governments can tap into.

What about security?

In terms of security foundations, the secure element will continue to act as a trust anchor in mobile ID systems requiring high levels of security, such as financial transactions. This can be used for tamper- resistant credential storage and service processing. Choice of form factor – SIM card, embedded SE or microSD card – will be driven by the market needs of service providers and end-users. The use of such trust anchors will enable that mobile ID applications are implemented securely and fulfill specific privacy and security requirements.

Infineon your partner of trust

Infineon’s mobile ID solution perfectly migrates the traditional eID to the mobile world. Biometric personal data is stored in a secured eID document and can only be retrieved via an encrypted channel.

For the Mobile ID application, the device only uses the biometric data temporarily for authentication. Our Embedded Secure Element is the most suitable vault for personal data – it encrypts and stores it and creates a personal crypto software token in form of a credential. This identifier is not a duplicate of the eID but a derived temporary token. The eID server, after remote registration, displays a verified certificate of this person and can be connected to any service provider for secured authorization.


Mobile ID - The future of easy and secured identification


Mobile identification is on the march. It opens up a wide range of mobile services at your convenience. At the same time your privacy like biometrics and credentials needs to be protected. This demo shows how to rent a car by only using a mobile device for the authentication and booking process.

Rent a car by using a selfie as your personal authentication pin

Step 1: Authenticate yourself


The biometric data of your ID document will be compared to real time data of a just made selfie to authenticate you. The biometric data will only be stored temporarily in the device.

Step 2: Verify your driving permission


To confirm that you have the right to drive a car in the respective country, the mobile phone is checking your driving permissions with the remote eID server.

Step 3: Get your car


The service provider checks with the eID server that you have the right to drive and confirms the service. The service process is completed and you can get your car.

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Mobile technologies have been a game changer in every aspect of our daily lives: tracking down information, making payments, accessing services, playing games or using a vast amount of other applications in a flexible manner. It’s therefore natural that interest in mobile ID implementations is rising.


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