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Robust security - The basic need of IoT

To make the IoT work, robust security is key

Successful IoT strategies must be built on a security-by-design framework, where security is factored in from the ground up and not added as an after-thought. That is the best way to create > robust IoT solutions capable of responding to a growing and ever-changing threat landscape.

Device manufacturers are challenged to protect both the identity and integrity of cloud-connected devices, whether they be compute-intensive edge devices running intelligent algorithms, consumer devices, or IoT end nodes such as sensors. Creating trust between connected IoT devices is the first step in any security strategy.

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IoT security: It’s all about identity

IoT security starts with identity: Every IoT device needs a strong and unique identity so it can prove it is trustworthy.

Counterfeit products can negatively affect device functionality and may even cause safety issues. The OPTIGA™ Authenticate product family meets this challenge by giving smart “things” a secured and unique ID so users can trust them.

As part of the OPTIGA™ Authenticate family, our new OPTIGA™ Authenticate IDoT gives things a unique identity to verify authenticity and build consumer trust through genuine user experiences. All products and accessories equipped with OPTIGA™ Authenticate IDoT are thus protected and can easily identify themselves as genuine or original parts.
This strong all-in-one, anti-counterfeit turnkey solution combines enhanced
> device authentication with unprecedented levels of configuration flexibility.

OPTIGA™ Authenticate solutions are ideal for all sorts of disposables and spare parts ranging from filters, purifiers, and cartridges to complex industrial systems.

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Trusted wireless charging

Imagine a world without cables…

Reflecting the convenience trend, users want to be able to charge devices quickly and easily – no matter where they are. So it is not surprising that more and more IoT devices are offering the wireless charging feature. As wireless charging becomes more popular, the need for secured, safe, and proper charging processes is also gaining in importance.

Another member of our OPTIGA™ family, the > OPTIGA™ Trust Charge, meets this need. Designed for easy integration, this turnkey solution provides secured device authentication for inductive wireless charging. Secured wireless charging authentication with OPTIGA™ Trust Charge contributes to device and user safety by protecting against fake chargers.

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Stronger focus on privacy with 5G

With its strong focus on security, the 5G standard provides for more robust protection of privacy. It defines a broad set of security features across all network layers. Many of these are optional and thus at the discretion of the MNO. To support different implementations across the full spectrum from lightweight to more sophisticated adoption of the new 5G security features, we deliver a broad range of 5G-ready products.

Optimum choice for 5G IoT deployments

As the number of cellular IoT connections rises, adoption of cellular IoT networks is accelerating. SIM-based cellular connectivity is more resistant to security breaches than typical wireless network connections as it provides end-to-end encryption and secured key exchange.

We offer a broad range of high-quality 5G-ready eSIM solutions extending from eSIM hardware to high-end, ready-to-connect bundles such as OPTIGA™ Connect. Reaching beyond the typical secured cellular connectivity, identification, and authentication functionality required of eSIMs, our turnkey eSIM solutions also take performance and ease of deployment to the next level.

Pre-integrated cellular connectivity at scale with OPTIGA™ Connect IoT

OPTIGA™ Connect for IoT
 is designed to leverage all the advantages of cellular IoT. It enables secured and dependable cellular connectivity – even in harsh environments. Developed in collaboration with Tata Communications, this eSIM security solution illustrates how multi-layered security and encryption can be built in from the ground up to make hardware-based IoT security a core feature of emerging eSIM designs.

Pre-integrated connectivity and remote profile provisioning capabilities support fast and easy deployment and management of IoT devices across the globe. Based on our Common Criteria EAL5+ certified eSIM hardware, OPTIGA™ Connect IoT is designed to exceed the security standards typically required by industry today.

5G-ready eSIM turnkey solution for consumer devices

Our > OPTIGA™ Connect solution for mobile consumer devices gives designers a new level of freedom due to its small footprint and outstanding power efficiency, making it especially appealing for size-restricted devices. It is suited to extending secured cellular connectivity to smaller devices like smart watches, fitness trackers, and other wearables.

This ready-to-connect eSIM solution is based on our fully certified hardware and complies with the latest 5G specifications from GSMA (SGP.22 V2.2), Trusted Connectivity Alliance (eUICC Profile Package V2.3), and 3GPP (Release 15).

Making wearables smarter for secured and seamless payments

> Smart wearables and IoT devices are becoming increasingly popular as they accommodate more and more functions on smaller footprints.

Our > SECORA™ Connect family brings NFC security capabilities to smart wearables and accessories, enabling users to securely provision, store, select, and use multiple credentials such as payment cards and transport tickets.

This complete turnkey solution allows smart wearable system designers with no security or antenna design experience to seamlessly integrate a very compact, ultra-low-power solution supporting various NFC-based applications.

Learn more about Infineon’s broad solution portfolio regarding wearables > here.

Next evolution: IoT in a heartbeat

We teamed up with the innovative start-up > DEED to integrate our NFC security solution SECORA Connect (and further Infineon products like the PSoC™) into DEED’s get® wristband.

Marking the next leap in the wearable evolution, this novel device combines higher security standards with a unique ID capture method and a revolutionary, screenless interface for an ultra-intuitive user experience.

get® uses the electric signal produced by the human heart (electrocardiogram) for strong, fast and secure authentication of contactless payments. Unique to each person, the electric heartbeat signal opens up new possibilities for biometric identification.

Robust Security DEED

Infineons Payment Enablement Partners

Service enablement - part of the seamless payment security solution

Payment and transport ticketing are the must-have features of smart wearable devices. It is all about trust and security, it is also about the enablement of end-customer oriented services on the product.

As device makers are seeking for solutions to integrate individual providers and issuers for the worldwide consumers, we collaborate with global partners to offer service enablement as the key delivery.

Please be introduced to them, who help device makers to onboard the service providers to their products with the seamless Infineon payment solution.

More about IoT Security

Saving costs through Hardware Based Security

Modern (IoT) applications (e.g. connected industrial systems) have a high demand for reliable security. However, software based security is not enough. Hardware based solutions provide more security. One of the many benefits: by integrating secured and certified chips much development costs can be saved. Watch this video to get more details about saving costs through hardware based security.

Infineon Security Trust Anchor

Video highlights the importance of providing a robust security in an increasing connected world and where cyber security in the IoT space is a complex topic . To address such a complex security topic, we need a layered approach. Viewers are introduce to the concept of Defense-in-Depth principle and uses security of a house as an analogy to explain. Video explain in details how our Infineon OPTIGATM Trust family of products is able to complement software security to achieve best of both worlds to achieve highest security in today’s IoT devices.

OPTIGA™ Trust Charge - the trusted authentication solution for wireless charging

This video highlights the importance of the Qi 1.3 wireless charging standard for the fast wireless charging technology. Even though fast charging technology is increasingly available in the market, not all wireless chargers are created equal. To address the risk of using unauthorized wireless chargers, viewers are introduced to Qi certification. The video explains in detail how Infineon´s OPTIGA™ Trust Charge is able to provide secured device authentication to meet the evolving challenges.

Enabling seamless, scalable and secured IoT connectivity globally with Infineon OPTIGA™ connect IoT

The video showcases how devices stay connected and data remains secured with OPTIGA™ connect IoT. Infineon OPTIGA™ Connect IoT is a ready-to-connect embedded SIM solution that can be easily built into your devices, with automatic access to more than 600 mobile network operators anchored by our partnership with a leading global digital infrastructure provider offering global cellular network coverage. The video also highlights one of the key features of OPTIGA™ Connect IoT, which is supported by interchangeable connectivity profiles and can be deployed in more than 200 countries, enabling seamless connectivity and management throughout the entire lifecycle. This makes it perfect for tracking high-value assets in movement or at rest through a single intuitive platform.