Reimagining Innovation at CES 2022

Visit Infineon at this year’s CES 2022 from January 5-8, 2022, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

See how Infineon helps Reimagine Innovation with dependable electronics and secured, intelligent and easy-to-use IoT solutions. Infineon will showcase smart, dependable automotive electronics, along with its smart, connected sensing solutions at the Ballroom San Polo 3405 and 3406, located at The Venetian Hotel, Level 3, Foyer East. Additionally, the company’s broad portfolio of easier, smarter and greener audio amplifiers will be featured in a private suite at The Venetian Hotel.

We hope to see you there!


Intelligent IoT Solutions

IoT is reaching a breakthrough point as technologies and components work together more seamlessly. Smart and connected objects link the real with the digital world, helping us to tackle the major challenges of our time, such as climate change and the growing world population. It is impossible to imagine the world of IoT and big data without microchips, which is why Infineon is the backbone of the IoT.

Our capabilities in sensing, computing, actuating and connecting unlock new markets and applications. Our sensors enable hands-free interaction with electronic systems. Smart rooms turn lights and climate controls on only when occupied. Every appliance you use ranks as top-of-the-line in energy efficiency. Environmental sensors make it easy to monitor the air quality of your surroundings to improve your health and productivity. They make the IoT smart, easy and energy-efficient.

As a leader in semiconductor system solutions, we make the IoT what it needs to be: intelligent, easy and real. We make IoT work.

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Secured IoT solutions

We may be able to connect to the Internet from any device or location – but one thing never changes: Security is key.

To work, the IoT has to be secured, intelligent and easy to use. Infineon’s aim is to create trust in the digital world so that users, enterprises, and organizations can unleash the full potential of the IoT – safe in the knowledge that their personal data, sensitive information, and industrial IP remain safe and unchanged.

IoT security starts with authenticity. Genuine device identities or “identities of things” are crucial to cover all steps and layers in the authentication and communication process as data travels from “things” over networks to backend systems and onwards to other things. Our family of embedded security solutions was developed specifically to meet the pressing need for end-to-end security across all network layers and devices.

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Dependable electronics

The automotive industry is facing large structural change as vehicles are undergoing a profound transformation. The reasons are the desire for ever smarter and ever more connected cars, the need to comply with ever stricter emission standards and the calls for sustainable mobility.

The future car is fully connected and always online. It is all-electric and autonomous. Advancement in automotive innovation depends on microelectronics – and thus on semiconductors such as Infineon’s. Semiconductors are the backbone of technological developments that support the automotive megatrends: electro-mobility, automated driving, connectivity and cybersecurity.

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