Low voltage drives scalable power demoboard platform

Infineon’s low voltage drives scalable power demoboard provides a modular platform for rapid prototyping forklifts and light electric vehicles (LEVs). The modular demo platform supports multiphase topologies and variable half-bridge paralleling. In combination with the XMC™ drive card a 3-phase setup can drive induction or PMSM motors of various power ratings, utilizing sensored or sensorless control drive schemes.



The platform demonstrates performance of Infineon’s power MOSFET family OptiMOS™ in the D2PAK, D2PAK 7-pin and the TO-Leadless packages, in terms of parallelization and thermal behavior. Several voltage levels are available.

The demoboard is intended to interface with Infineon’s XMC™ demoboard drive card XMC4400, providing the system control. Accompanying boards (power boards, master mother board, mother boards, daughter boards and capacitor boards) provide the functionality and interconnections for a complete customized power system solution.

The platform consists of several different boards (modules) that can be used to build up a functional power assembly. By role (or functionality) in the setup, the modules can be arranged into four categories: power boards, mother boards and master mother board, daughter boards and capacitor boards.

Infineon also provides a supporting software package. Please find additional information on how to install in the user manual.

Summary of features and benefits

  • IMS PCB for increased cooling
  • Basic software with GUI
  • Test points for test bench setups
  • Scalability and versatility
  • Rapid prototyping by building blocks
  • Fast built customized solutions

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