Valid provides its secure eSIM Operating System to Infineon´s new OPTIGA™ Connect IoT solution

Valid designed the mioSIMTM eSIM M2M Operating System (OS) to help securely provision, manage and connect devices to cellular networks. Valid’s OS allows the OPTIGA™ Connect IoT solution to comply with the latest GSMA specification and is a ready-to-connect eSIM (embedded SIM) solution for cellular IoT devices. In order to guarantee the best security, reliability, scalability and a high level of performance, the software is adapted to address all new IoT and consumer devices market requirements. The secure software has a large range of features, enabling interoperability with all cellular compliant networks as well as the secure and reliable Over-The-Air management of applications.


About Valid

Valid makes our digital lives more secure with solutions that ensure identification in documents, smartphones, chip cards, digital certificates, banking apps, means of transport, and everywhere else our data are housed.  Valid takes into account the particularities of each culture and region the company works on to create personalized and integrated solutions, enabling the secure identification of objects, transactions, and people. Valid is one of the largest producer of SIM Cards and banking cards in the world.