REVIEW: IoT Security Circle Europe 2019
May, 28th: Conference day
Location: Infineon Technologies, Neubiberg/Germany

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ISPN IoT Security Circle 2019 - a review

The world is becoming increasingly networked. With every newly connected device, however, the security risk increases and with it the importance of IoT security.

Under the motto "Security solutions and best practices for applications in IoT or IIoT markets" we once again successfully demonstrated where potential dangers lurk and how you can effectively protect yourself against them. Together with our partners of the Infineon Security Partner Network (ISPN) we the latest security insights and demonstrations for IIoT and IoT markets.

The participated could benefit from the following insights:
- Trends and solutions for cloud security and services
- Highlights in the mobile security market
- Security implementation for the Internet of Things
- Latest regulations in the European Community

The agenda contained an informative mix of speeches and best practice cases of both customers and partners, inspiring panel discussions and multiple networking sessions to meet and exchange knowledge with experienced security experts.

The event details 2019

We asked - IoT security experts answered

What is the relevance of security in IoT?
Marius von Spreti, Accenture


What is the relevance of security in IoT?

How important is IoT security?
Stefan Bamberg, WiBu-Systems AG


How important is IoT security and the meaning of monetization of IoT devices or functionalities?

What is the importance of IoT Security?
Patrick Tabourin, Entrust Datacard


What is the importance of IoT Security?