HMI Tool Certification Program

About the Program

Infineon’s HMI Tool Certification Program is designed to provide our customers with the best experience when using HMI tools with our TRAVEOTM T2G Graphic Controllers. Partners who qualify for Infineon’s HMI Tool Certification undergo collaborative testing and assessment of their implementation of Infineon’s reference use-cases.

With this collaborative approach, Infineon aims to provide customers with a trusted network of partners whose HMI tools support the most important hardware features of our microcontrollers. By using TRAVEOTM T2G Graphic Controllers together with the certified HMI tools, customers can ensure to achieve the best possible performance for their application.

How to Participate

partners interested in gaining HMI Tool Certification will submit a r toeference HMI for Infineon review. We will provide the image sources, drivers, hardware and technical support for any questions that arise during the certification process. When your tools are compliant with our criteria, your company will be listed as a certified partner on our website and in our marketing collateral. Certified HMI tool partners will be able to promote their status as a certified partner on their website and in their marketing material.

If you would like to request more information about our certification program, please click here

Our Certified Partners

Our Certified Partners Products

 Altia     Altia Design   A full-featured user interface design and model integration environment. With this GUI editor, users can build user interface models from scratch or import 2D and 3D graphic assets created by artists, test, and then prepare for code generation. Know more
Altia Deepscreen  A code generator that converts GUI model (built in Altia Design) into pure, production-ready C code. Each Altia DeepScreen target is carefully architected to take full advantage of the resources available on-chip. Know more
Altia Cloudware  You now have the power to remotely access and pair Altia’s production-proven graphical user interface software with popular embedded hardware to create a test drive experience for your GUI from anywhere in the world. Know more
Candera Candera CGI Studio

Candera CGI Studio is a scalable and hardware independent HMI design software. It enables the creation of brilliant and customizable embedded UI solutions of all kinds for the automotive area and beyond. The special USP of this GUI creation tool are its user-friendly interface and the high performance representation of 2D / 3D display elements and animations.

Know more

QT Qt Device Creation Design, develop, test, and deploy feature-rich UIs.By using Qt Device Creation, you can develop a single cross-platform code base using one integrated toolset and target embedded, desktop, and mobile platforms.With the most complete set of libraries for UI development, business logic, and machine-to-machine communication, write less code quickly with an extensible IDE and easy-to-use APIs.By using Boot to Qt you get your environment up and running in no time with our ready-made software stack.Qt produces highly readable, easily maintainable, and reusable code with high runtime performance and a small footprint.With Qt Device Creation you can optimize development resources from platform-specific implementations and focus on building responsive, fast, performant applications with one unifying framework Know more