High Power Electrical Triggered Thyristor (ETT)

Due to the increasing demand of high power thyristors for Ultra High Voltage Direct Current transmission (UHVDC) applications now a new 6 inch (silicon diameter) electrical triggered thyristor (ETT) with blocking capability of 8.5kV is available.

This new device follows the market demand for higher efficiency to reduce the losses in UHVDC applications. With the new device T7300N85X203 A11 the on-state- and switching losses had been reduced significantly.

The thyristor is using the outstanding technologies like low temperature joining process (LTS) and the amorphous carbon passivation (a-CH) to ensure, beside the improved on-state- and switching behavior, a very high reliability.

In the next generation of UHVDC-applications transmission power of 12GW at DC voltages of +-1100kV are planned.

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