EMI Doctor Service

We leverage our knowledge and enable you to tackle your EMI problems by providing self-help assistance

In switched-mode power conversion, there is a trend towards higher efficiencies, cost reduction and lower form factors by using increased switching frequencies. This path is enabled in particular by modern power semiconductors, e.g. on basis of wide-bandgap materials like SiC or GaN. Electrical system designs and PCB layouts may need to balance between performance increases by higher switching frequencies and measures necessary to meet electromagnetic (EM) compatibility requirements.

As an industry leader, we gained broad knowledge to tackle those challenges with high-frequency-related EM interference (EMI) by applying modern IGBT & SiC modules on system level for various application areas in power electronics. We therefore decided to offer this expertise of our internal network of distinguished experts also to you and to support newcomers in full-SiC/GaN designs.


We enable you to tackle your EMI problems by providing self-help assistance: the EMI Doctor

Pilot the EMI Doctor service with us!

We are now launching an initial pilot phase of the service offering. The timing may be perfect for you: From all requests we get until end of April 2022, we will select one EMI challenge and will offer the first 10 consulting hours by our expert network for free.

If you are located in Europe, consider yourself a SME and “newcomer” in SiC or GaN system design, and have currently an EMI issue in your design prototype, then let’s have a first exchange!


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