Driving giGaNtic performance in USB-C adapters and chargers with extended power range (EPR)

The novel XDP™ digital power XDPS2221 is a highly integrated control IC combining an AC-DC PFC controller with a DC-DC hybrid flyback controller in one single package. It enables optimized system performance through the combined operation of the two stages and brings ultimate efficiency in conjunction with GaN-based devices.

Key benefits:

  • Class-leading efficiency across various line/load conditions
  • Ultra-high power density and switching frequency
  • Up to 50% transformer size reduction compared to flyback topologies
  • Low BOM cost and count
  • Low no-load input standby power performance
  • Easily configurable via digital software
  • Supporting USB-PD/EDP standard V3.1 for output voltages up to 28V (36V/48V to be covered by XDPS2222 available in Q2/2023)