Qi-compliant Wireless Charging DIY kit
Get started on your wireless project while complying to the latest standards

Infineon´s wireless charging Qi-compliant solution

Get started with our complete DIY kit including software

Smartphones, smart speakers, portable accessories, furniture, docking stations... Wireless charging can be implemented in a great variety of applications, and with Infineon´s integrated USB PD, DC-DC and full-stack-compliant systems you can do it by shortening your development cycle.

Are you ready to start your wireless charging project? Make sure to choose the right partner!
Infineon´s comprehensive wireless charging solutions will offer you:

• Compliance to the latest Qi standard
Turnkey system solution
• Easy-to-use software included

Get started now with our do-it-yourself kit: follow these 5 easy steps and go wireless!

Get started with wireless charging! 5 steps guide.

Get started now

For more details you can also benefit from the help from our community. Here´s some extra information on enabling DC input power and capturing debug logs.

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