XDP™ digital power

Power conversion goes digital

XDP™ facilitates the development and implementation of high-performance products with unique features by superior digital control algorithms and a broad flexibility of parameters to optimize the IC for the specific application use case. The digital design of the IC family supports a wide set of use cases for state-of-the-art technology. Easy-to-use development tools simplify the design-in of XDP™ products greatly.

Key benefits of XDP™ digital power

  • Advanced functionality to master challenges of modern power supply design
  • Digital algorithms realize high power efficiency and minimal stand-by power
  • Digital parameter configuration increases flexibility and saves development effort
  • Fast design cycle reduces time to market and improves competitiveness
  • Optimized BoM saves system cost and boosts the flexibility

The value added

The requirements of various SMPS applications can be implemented more easily and faster with XDP™ digital power.

XDP™ digital power controller with PMBus for isolated DC-DC converters

Image Infineon Industry 4.0

The XDPP1100, a highly-integrated and programmable digital power controller, offers an advanced power control solution for a wide variety of DC-DC power applications in isolated and even non-isolated topologies. Thanks to the integrated Arm® Cortex® microcontroller sub-system, the XDPP1100 provides system designers a fully programmable solution with complete control over their applications.

The XDPP1100 product family facilitates the development of smart power supplies for telecommunication infrastructures, server motherboards, industrial 4.0, and other high-end 48V systems with pre-programmed superior digital control algorithms and unique features for flexibility. Infineon Technologies will provide easy-to-use development tools to simplify the design-in with XDP™ products in a wide range of applications. 

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XDP™ digital power for SMPS applications

digital power infineon

Digital primary-side PMW controllers for various topologies

The XDP™ digital power XDPS21081 is a high-performance digital flyback controller with an integrated dual-MOSFET gate driver and a 600V depletion start-up unit. In addition to driving a high-voltage external MOSFET in a typical flyback topology, the primary-side controller drives an additional external low-voltage MOSFET to achieve ZVS (zero-voltage switching) to improve overall system efficiency. The XDP™ digital power XDPS2201 is a hybrid flyback controller enabling ultrahigh density designs. It combines the simplicity of a traditional flyback topology with the performance of a resonant converter. It support a wide range of AC line input voltage and customers can benefit from an efficiency higher than 93 percent.

Digital multi-mode PFC and LLC combo controllers

The XDP™ digital power IDP2308 and IDP2303A products are high performance digital combo controllers with integrated drivers and 600V depletion cell designed for boost PFC and half-bridge LLC targeting switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) from 75W to 300W.

The advanced control algorithm of IDP2308 and IDP2303A  provides boost PFC with multi-mode operation, including critical conduction mode (CrCM), quasi resonant discontinuous mode (QR DCM), and active burst mode. It also offers configurable non-linear timer controlled oscillator (TCO) for LLC soft-start and voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) for LLC normal operation.

In addition, the seamless communication between PFC and LLC ensures optimal whole system operation and consequently greatly improving system reliability. Adaptive LLC burst mode enables ultralow standby power loss, small output ripple/noise and excellent dynamic load response.

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XDP™ digital power for lighting applications - AC-DC LED driver ICs

The products of the XDP™ digital power portfolio for Lighting XDPL8105XDPL8220XDPL8221 and XDPL8218 support LED driver suppliers to meet demanding LED driver requirements and to address actual challenges like smart or connected lighting. For LED driver manufacturers XDP™ digital power devices for Lighting simplify compliance with stringent energy efficiency standards.

The device family integrates unique features for advanced LED driver. The exclusive digital parameter configuration enables customers to reduce time to market and save development efforts for value products.



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