Connected Sensor Kit
Fast IoT experience enabled by XENSIV™ sensors

Connected sensor kit for fast development and deployment that allows Sense, Compute, Connect

The Connected Sensor Kit is a development kit for customers in the IoT space looking to design, develop and manufacture their own product based on a development ecosystem.

The development supports drivers and use cases based on XENSIV™  60GHz radar and PAS CO2 and DPS368 pressure  sensor (Sense)  for PSoC™ 6 microcontroller (Compute) with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Combo (Connect) . The software ecosystem is provided through ModusToolbox®. The sensor kit leverages the feather/wing board  ecosystem selected for its small form factor and its battery operated options.

It is a feather compatible development kit for rapid prototyping and deployment of IoT devices. It consists of three components: 

  • Sense: XENSIVTM 60 GHz radar, PAS CO2 and pressure sensor
  • Compute: PSoCTM 62 microcontroller
  • Connect: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Combo

within a software ecosystem provided through ModusToolbox®

XENSIV™ BGT60TR13C radar + DPS368 Pressure Wing Board

1. Easy and flexible
Interchangeable sensor wing boards – stacked individually or combined
2. Rapid development & deployment
Application example codes and libraries for PSoCTM 62 microcontroller in ModusToolbox® for Presence Detection, Entrance Counter, CO2 measurement and AnyCloud SDK
3. Connectivity and Security
Flexible connectivity option and secure device provisioning with OPTIGATM Trust M*

*coming soon

Suitable application segments:

Connected sensor customer journey