Coil on Module chip packaging technology
This innovative dual- interface chip packaging technology from Infineon is designed to increase the durability and robustness of smart cards.

Tough times!

Today’s contactless and DIF cards don’t have it easy. Stuffed into a wallet, they get sat on, bent, twisted, squashed and thrown about all day long. What’s more, they get pulled out and shoved back in to the wallet every time the user wants to buy a coffee, ride the subway, enter a building, pay for shopping or collect a prescription from the drugstore. The constant mechanical strain through rough daily handling means that the conventional physical connection between the radio frequency (RF) antenna and the card module can easily snap. And it frequently does.

Riding the wave of technology change

In an increasingly mobile world, consumers are demanding fast, easy access to multiple services from a single card or device. This is fueling a move away from previously contact-based applications such as payment and identification towards contactless and dual-interface (DIF) multi-purpose schemes.

Fast, flexible card production processes built on stable, agile supply chains are essential to allow rapid rollout of competitive, customized offerings. Here optimized solutions bundling chip, module and antenna can give manufacturers a valuable lead.

Spotlight on security and robustness

Alongside security, durability has thus become a key success factor for multi-application cards. Card manufacturers need solutions with a robust design that complies with strict tender requirements governing factors such as tamper resistance and lifetime.

Infineon’s packaging innovations are designed to increase the durability and robustness of smart cards while at the same time reducing cost for the manufacturer.

Introducing Coil on Module

Coil on Module (CoM), our award-winning dual interface chip packaging technology, uses a radio frequency (RF) link instead of the mechanical/electrical connection typically used between the card antenna and the module.

This inductive coupling, along with a robust polycarbonate monoblock, greatly increases the robustness and long-term reliability of contactless and DIF cards in the field. Consequently, CoM enables lifetimes of ten years and more – essential for identification documents.

Why Infineon

With our field-proven, plug & play packaging technology based on inductive coupling, we offer our customers a smart solution for the transition from contact-based to contactless using CoM DIF cards. Our CoM packages featuring polycarbonate monoblocks meet all security and robustness requirements for government identification or payment cards in particular, effortlessly overcoming the weak spot in today’s dual-interface card designs.

Maintaining lean production processes identical to those deployed in contact-based environments, our customers can look forward to immediate, high-speed volume production without having to invest in any new or special machinery. In addition, they benefit from a simplified, secure supply chain with reduced stock levels as one antenna supports all chip/module combinations.

As the leading provider of security solutions with a track record stretching back more than 30 years, we have developed an excellent worldwide sales and customer support structure over time. Presenting a single point of accountability, our one-stop, global offering extends beyond chips to include the operating system, module and antenna for reduced production complexity.

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