Dependability Software

Dependable electronics based on Software and Design-in Tools

Seamless software and hardware integration are crucial to deliver clean, safe and smart mobility solutions. Dependable electronics with fast time-to-market including sophisticated software is the key link between the real and digital world enabling a variety of safety applications, as well as secured autonomous driving.

With a wide set of software offering, ranging from embedded software (productive and prototype drivers, productive safety test libraries, code examples etc.), development tools (programming, testing, configuration etc.) and simulation tools/ models we are providing a comprehensive software enablement environment. Our comprehensive offering supports various automotive applications, including productive software compliant to AUTOSAR, Automotive SPICE, ISO /SAE 21434 and ISO21434 standards.

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Are you equipped to build designs for the software defined vehicles of tomorrow?

Our software portfolio, complemented by a robust ecosystem of partner products and services, encompasses two categories:

Embedded Software

Development Tools

Infineon's embedded software portfolio supports different customer needs based on the product family and application needs. Infineon's development tools enable customers to test and set up their application designs easily.
Examples include: Examples include:
  • AURIX™ Development Studio
  • PSoC™ 4 CAPSENSE™ and AURIX™ Safety Software
  • AUTOSAR MCAL and Graphics software

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