AURIX™ Microcontroller and its  applications

AURIX™ TC3xx Motor Control Application Kit | Unboxing and getting started

Ready to find out how to bring your motor control development to the next level? Take a look on Infineon's newest AURIX™ TC3xx Motor Control Application Kit getting started video.

AURIX™ TC3xx Motor Control Application Kit | How to get started with the software

Wondering how to bring the most of your new AURIX™ TC3xx Motor Control Application Kit? Check out this video to learn how to download the software and give your first steps with the kit GUI and source code.

Teraki AURIX™ TC3xx Demonstration

This demonstration shows the performance of Teraki’s embedded software, installed on Infineon AURIX™ TC3xx chipset for encoding and decoding of sensor data. Teraki’s state-of-the-art embedded software assures the extraction of relevant information from sensors. This smart selection of information improves quality and reliability of AI-models. Teraki’s main value is enabling higher AI-model accuracy rates that run on intelligently pre-processed signal data.

Sensor Fusion Teraki: Lidar + Camera

Sensor Fusion Teraki: Lidar + Camera

Teraki AI-model applications on Infineon AURIX™

AURIX™ microcontrollers for industrial automation applications

This training provides you interesting information about AURIX™ microcontrollers for industrial automation. They are the ideal choice for applications where more performance, connectivity, safety and security are needed.

AURIX_ECU_Consolidation in modern E-E architectures

Today's advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and tomorrow's self-driving cars require precise information about the driver's vital statistics, what they are concentrating on and what's happerirg inside the vehicle. In collaboration with our partners, we have developed parallel processing units (PPu) to accelerate sensor fusion.

New Hypervisor Virtualisation Features in AURIX TC4xx

Infineon and partners come together to show how SW solutions can enabe ECU consolidation in modern E7E architectures

Automotive Ethernet | gateway evaluation board | for smart vehicles | Infineon

Want to know more about the main connectivity unit of a car? Edwin shows you our gateway board, powered by two AURIX™ micro controller of the AURIX™ TC3xx. Communication between the micro controllers is done by a high speed serial link.

Wireless charging solutions | Automotive and Industrial | Infineon

Charging your smartphone is so important these days. We introduced new wireless charging solutions during embedded world 2019. Starting from 15W Automotive solution, we also showed Industrial solutions and more. Infineon wireless charging demonstrators are powered by AURIX™ and XMC.

Overview of AURIX™ SafeTpack Safety Manager

Don't miss this webinar with the AURIX™ experts from Hitex Germany and Hitex UK! The webinar will give an overview about the SafeTpack AURIX™ safety manager for the AURIX™ second generation (TC3xx) and how it provides a shortcut to implementing the requirements of the safety manual.

Multi-Core software design for AURIX™ in combination with EB tresos product line

The webinar presents basic multi-core use cases, the distribution of mode mgmt. stack, communication, and diagnostics of the BSW. A simple example will explain how to utilize the presented content to distribute three software components to two cores and related AURIX™ TC38x MCAL drivers with specific support for multi-core.

Multicore debugging for AURIX™

Learn all about multicore debugging for Infineon AURIX™. Discover synchronized debugging of cores, multicore breakpoints and more.