Audio beamforming

Delivering an optimal voice recognition solution for satisfactory user experience

Infineon’s high SNR microphones are part of the XMOS VocalFusion 4-Mic Dev Kit for AVS which is designed for far-field applications. The kit features a linear microphone array with four 69dB SNR microphones (IM69D130) which are based on the dual backplate MEMS technology from Infineon and are well suited for far field voice capturing and beamforming.

The integrated microphones offer very low self-noise, distinguished microphone to microphone phase and sensitivity matching as well as fast signal conversion for low latency, ensuring excellent hit rate and extended voice pick-up distance for far-field applications.

Together with the XMOS audio beamforming and voice processing algorithms, Infineon´s microphones optimize voice capture and deliver flawless execution for digital voice assistance across a broad range of voice-controlled devices. The XMOS kit is ideal for developers who want to integrate Alexa into smart panels, kitchen appliances, and other commercial and industrial electronics.




Infineon and XMOS products for audio beaming

  • Infineon's BGT60TR24B - 60GHz 2Tx/4Rx radar IC with accompanying antenna
  • 69dB SNR microphones (IM69D130) based on Infineon’s unique dual backplate MEMS technology
  • XMOS’ audio processor