The Answer

The demands on modern power electronics applications for industry, such as transportation systems and industrial drives, continue to rise. Harsh operating environments call for robust, low-maintenance designs. At the same time, cost pressures mandate standardized module designs capable of meeting application-specific requirements across a multitude of industries.

Royalty-Free License of Package Design for Industry Use

As it is our aim to secure a broad and reliable base for the supply of the new high-power platform, we are inviting the industry to make use of Infineon’s design and dimensions and offer to negotiate a royalty-free license agreement in this respect to all providers of IGBT power modules.

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Traditionally, technological progress in power electronics has been driven and enabled by high-power semiconductors. The focus has typically been on optimizing chip technology rather than on package. However, as today’s modules and system requirements continue to evolve, current housing designs have reached their limits, highlighting the need for a new approach to packaging.

We have stepped up to this challenge and are proud to present “The Answer”. This pioneering, high-power platform presents a standardized solution for today’s cross-industry, cross-application demands for power density, efficiency, durability and robustness on a single module. Designed for flexibility and reliability, this new housing will support future chip generations and upcoming technologies.

Benefits at a glance

  • One, high-power platform offering flexible scalability
  • High power density and frame sizes
  • High reliability and long service life
  • Reduced system cost
  • Low inductance

People all over the world rely on a variety of train types to transport goods and passengers at reasonable cost. Durability and reliability are a necessity, even in extreme weather.

The Answer: Lower system cost and longer life

Solar central solutions need to be on an optimized system cost level with a high reliability. On top of that, efficiency is key for a fast return on investment.

The Answer: Higher power density with excellent efficiency leads to reduced system costs.

Industrial drives have to meet increasingly challenging energy efficiency targets in rugged environments while ensuring design flexibility to support future upgrades.

The Answer: High power density and simplified, scalable design to meet evolving needs

Wind turbines are exposed to the harshest environmental and mechanical stresses. They must be designed for rugged   performance, long service life and minimal maintenance.

The Answer: Robust design for long service life and reduced maintenance effort

Large-scale agricultural machinery and mining vehicles are used in the most adverse and often cramped environmental conditions. This makes robust, compact, weight-optimized designs a must.

The Answer: Fit for every environment – no matter how harsh – with an optimized frame size for compact footprints

Transmission and distribution systems must deliver efficient performance with low losses over long distances. To achieve this, all components have to meet high reliability and efficiency standards.

The Answer: High reliability, high power density