Accessory Authentication

OPTIGA™ Trust - Authentication solution for genuine user experience

Counterfeit products are a major problem for user experience. Besides that, fake products are a significant threat to system manufacturers with regard to their investments. Our OPTIGATM Trust authentication chips give effective protection against counterfeit products. They help deliver a premium user experience by checking that only authorized accessories such as earphones, flip covers and add on cameras are used with specific smartphones. This helps avoiding damage to user devices as a result of non-original, sub-standard accessories or parts.

The OPTIGATM Trust SLS 10ERE is designed to assist system manufacturers to prove the authenticity, integrity, and safety of their original products.


Reasons for authentication

  • System Integrity
  • Brand Protection
  • Data Protection


Key features

  • One-chip solution with robust cryptographic solution
  • Turnkey authentication product with an chip-individual key pair
  • Host-side support for an easy integration


Customer benefits

  • Improved security at lower system costs
  • Advanced protection of embedded systems and business models
  • Increased product safety and reliability