XMC-SC Wireless power controllers


Infineon's XMC wireless power controller, based on the ARM® Cortex®-M0 core, provides a powerful and cost-effective platform for high performance, smart and safe wireless charging   applications. The XMC wireless power controller helps the next-generation wireless charging   systems meet strict safety, environmental and regulatory requirements, while still enabling industry-leading charging performance and efficiency. This controller works seamlessly with Infineon's power devices in a scalable architecture to provide a complete charging solution for everything from a fast charge smartphone, to a 20 W robot, to a 60 W drone and beyond, to 80 W power tool applications.  

Summary of Features:

  • Supply voltage range: 1.8-5.5 V
  • Temperature range: -40 °C.....105 °C
  • Supports Inductive and resonant charging methods
  • Power levels up to 80 W
  • Single and multi-coil transmitters
  • Pseudo random number generator
  • Variable and fixed frequency transmitter types
  • Single and multi-coil transmitters
  • Multiple industry standard and custom charging profiles using the same
  • hardware architecture Space saving VQFN-40 package
  • Half and full-bridge support
  • Buck and boost topologies


  • Full power 15 W without exotic thermal management
  • Supports custom charging profiles and industry standards on the same hardware
  • Supports custom coils, and greater than three coils
  • Foreign Object Detection (FOD) with improved accuracy quality-factor monitoring
  • Achieves charging rates equivalent to wired charging
  • Foreign object detection capability can be extended beyond existing standards to improve detection



Inductive wireless charging for consumer applications
Part number Application 
XMC6521SC-Q040X Qi 1-coil or 3-coil 15W inductive MP-A11 desktop charger
XMC6511SC-Q040X Qi 1-coil 15W inductive sub-surface charger
XMC7501SC-Q040X 1-coil <5W inductive charger
XMC7541SC-Q040X 1-coil 80W inductive charger
XMC7201SC-Q024X 1W inductive receiver
XMC7241SC-Q040X 80W inductive receiver
XMC6221SC-Q024X Qi 15W inductive receiver
XMC8511SC-Q040X 2.5W resonant multi-device charger (10W)
XMC8201SC-Q024X 2.5W resonant receiver
XMC8531SC-Q040X 25W resonant charger
XMC8231SC-Q024X 20W resonant receiver