ISO 26262 - Infineon is benchmark in Functional Safety

ISO 26262 defines the development of electric and electronic automotive systems with regard to their func-tional safety. The aim of this standard is to reduce possible hazards caused by the failure and malfunction of such systems. The safety requirements for the development process depend on the ASIL rating of the target application and can range from ASIL-A to ASIL-D.
Applications such as steering or braking systems are rated with the highest ASIL-D level. A failure in such a system can lead to an out-of-contol vehicle, possibly resulting in fatal injuries. All newly developed parts will be based on an ISO 26262-compliant development flow, thereby allowing direct use in all safety-relevant applications. Devices which are developed prior to the ISO 26262 as a QM part can nev-ertheless be used in ISO-compliant systems as outlined in part 8 clause 13 of the standard. In such cases, it is man-datory "to provide evidence of the suitability of ... hardware components and parts" for use in ISO-compliant systems and also to provide failure modes, their distribution and diagnostic capability.

To support our customers as they strive to achieve the highest ASIL on system level, Infineon provides both the necessary support for qualification of existing pre ISO 26262 products, and fully ISO 26262-compliant products of the future. For a set of existing Infineon sensor ICs, extensive functio-nal safety analyses have been conducted for various application use cases by means of FMEDA (Failure Mode, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis), DFA (Dependent Failure Analysis) and also FTA (Fault-Tree Analysis) to make them "ASIL-ready". The resulting FIT rates and safety-related judgements of these analyses are summarized in Safety Analysis Summary Reports.
These reports are available to customers for interfacing with their system-level safety concept. The preferred implementation of the "ASIL-ready" sensor ICs is described in dedicated safety manuals. Additionally, Infineon offers expert support for system inte-grators in achieving the required ASIL on system level. Future Infineon sensor IC developments for safety-related applications will follow the full ISO 26262-compliant pro-cess: A V-model based requirements capturing and verifi-cation process ensures the fulfillment of ASIL-rated safety requirements. Furthermore, dedicated safety analyses are already performed during development to support the achievement of the required safety targets. The resulting sensor IC can therefore be easily used in safety-related applications.