SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg 2014

Thank you for joining us in Nuremberg from November 25th-27th, at Europe’s leading conference for electric automation, SPS IPC Drives 2014!

Semiconductors are at the core of technology, and Infineon anticipates future application demands by constantly innovating to deliver greater power in increasingly compact components. That is why Infineon is a world leader in deep system knowledge, energy efficiency and power density.

This year, we not only expanded our portfolio, we also enhanced existing components with breakthroughs in housing configurations, materials and connections. Our engineers will demonstrate our best-in-class solutions for automation, big drives, and automotive applications. Also, watch out for our new, high-power platform for industrial drives, construction, agricultural vehicles! We have a component to optimize every system.

Our Highlights

EiceDRIVER™ Compact families

The optimized single channel, half bridge and 3-phase driver ICs for IGBT and CoolMOS™ in general purpose drive applications.

Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

Especially developed for and pre-applied to Infineon`s power modules outperforms the general purpose materials available.

Bipolar Modules and Discs

With the new 34mm and 50mm solder bond technology for Power Supplies, Drives, Soft Starters and Power Controllers

OptiMOS™ in TO-Leadless

A Package Optimized for High Current Application


Galvanic Isolated High Side Switches and Input ICs

XMC - 32 bit Industrial Microcontroller

The XMC microcontroller portfolio features a wide range of products from low-end, low-pin-count devices up to advanced solutions for industrial applications that demand energy-efficiency, high quality standards, long product life times and high temperature robustness.

DC Motor Control Shield with integrated high-current half bridge BTN8982TA for Arduino

With the new DC Motor Control Shield for Arduino Infineon allows quick and in-expensive prototyping and evaluation of brushed DC motor control applications. The Power Shield can be controlled either by the Arduino Board or the ARM® powered Infineon XMC1100 Microcontroller Boot Kit. Simply plug and drive two uni-directional DC motors (half-bridge configuration) or one bi-directional DC motor (H-Bridge configuration).

BLDC motor bench (two coupled BLDC motors), featuring various integrated sensors.
Current Sensor (TLI4970)
Angle Sensors (TLE5009 & TLE5012B)

Hardware-based security solutions for easy integration into embedded systems:
OPTIGA™ Trust product family
Discover Brand Protection