Infineon Power Map Builder

Infineon provides benchmark performance and reliability for DC/DC converters across multiple market applications.  Covering loads from milliamperes to several hundred amps, Infineon has a solution set for complete DC power coverage.  Solutions include integrated converters, digital multiphase controllers with power stages, high input voltage controllers, linear regulators, and discrete MOSFET with drivers to provide for any design need.

Infineon partners with industry leaders for providing reference designs for CPUs, FPGAs, and ASICs.
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Target End Applications

  • Network Equipment
  • Blades, Servers, Rack Mounted and Chassis 
  • Blades, Servers, Rack Mounted and Chassis  Equipment, SSDs
  • FPGAs, Processors, & ASICs
  • Medical and Consumer Equipment
  • Process, Test, Industrial, Communications