Infineon’s 48 V Ecosystem for Data Centers

Infineon’s two-stage architecture for 48 V (or 54 V) input systems to power high-performance processors (CPU, GPU, SoC, ASIC, etc.) offers flexibility in implementation and scalability for different power levels without compromising on performance. Infineon’s proprietary Zero voltage switching Switched capacitor Converter (ZSC) delivers the highest efficiency and power density for 48 V to an intermediate bus voltage through capacitve energy transfer with soft-switching of the power devices. This enables an easy transition path for legacy 12 V systems to 48 V infrastructure with low risk and improve the total cost of ownership (TCO) significantly.

Infineon‘s ZSC can be implemented today with readily available products that have been released to mass production.

The key products are:

  • OptiMOSTM 5/6 power MOSFET 25 V and 40 V
  • EiceDRIVERTM gate drivers
  • XMCTM family of microcontrollers 

Infineon’s ZSC is easy to implement as a "down" or "module" design depending upon system requirements and limitations. The bi-directional power transfer capability of ZSC offers ultimate flexibility for power architects to implement high-efficiency and compact bus converter that can provide 48 V to 12 V or 12 V to 48 V with the same design.

Product portfolio

Key features and benefits

  • High efficiency/power density
    • Soft-switching of Infineon’s best-in-class OptiMOSTM 5/6 MOSFETs
  • Simplicity in design
    • Easy to implement with XMCTM microcontrollers
    • Bi-directional power flow
  • Flexibility in implementation
    • Module or down design
  • Scalable architecture
    • Easy to scale based on power level and bus voltage
  • Robust system design
    • Intelligent fault communication between XMCTM microcontroller and multi-phase digital controller