myInfineon migration information

Dear myInfineon users,

The old myInfineon platform as been replaced by the new myInfineon collaboration platform.
As part of this activity all the existing myInfineon libraries and workspaces were migrated to the new solution. Your account has also been migrated so you do not have to do a new registration.

In case of questions, please contact your Infineon contact person.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Best regards,

myInfineon Migration Project Team


The new myInfineon collaboration platform is the solution that replaces the old myInfineon platform.

The migration of the old workspaces and libraries was successfully finished.

All your old content has been migrated to our new collaboration platform.

Yes, you will find the same content that you have today on our new myInfineon Collaboration Platform.

No, you do not have to make a new registration. Please see the next question to find information about your login information.

No, the login information are not the same. Please contact the support team to get your new login information.

In addition the login procedure is changed to a two factor authentication (2FA).
This means that after you have logged in into the new collaboration platform you will receive every time a one-time pin (OTP) in order to finalize the authentication process. This code is send to you via e-mail. Please have this code on hand for the login.