Model-based software design on next generation AURIX™ TC4x

  • Next AURIX™ generation will bring a huge step forward in the vector processing domain
  • Model-based software development support of the PPU will start in the summer using block replacement based code replacement libraries
  • Already the first version of model-based code generation support package will bring a significant enhancement in performance
  • In the future we will focus on further improvements especially with respect to the whole SoC integration

The next AURIX™ generation provides breakthrough performance with SIMD vector DSP for vector operations

The new SIMD vector DSP co-processor Parallel Processing Unit (PPU) in the new generation AURIX™ offers breakthrough performance for:

  • Vector / Matrix operation acceleration & data processing
  • Deep Learning Algorithm
  • High-speed control implementations

Embedded World

Click here to discover our Model-based software design on next-generation AURIX™ demo, presented at embedded world.

Demo number 9 - Smart Cars booth