Chipman presents innovative use cases
enabled by XENSIV™ sensors for consumer electronics

MakesSense - What is a sensor? - Explore the use cases and evaluate!

You know, sensors (from Latin meaning "to feel/to sense") are technical components that detect changes in their physical environment or predefined events.  We show you how you can design even better contextual aware devices filled with new use cases for the end customer thanks to their high sensitivity and performance.

For us, it's about bringing you the best sensor performance the market has to offer.
For you, it's an endless stream of possibilities and new use cases for your devices.

Intuitive Sensing - Makes Sense

Today’s technology is capable of interpreting a user's implicit intentions and desires based on contextual and spatial awareness. You can enhance your customer's experience and make it more natural by choosing the right sensors for interactive functions. Our Intuitive Sensing vision is inspiring devices that are so contextually aware that your customers will think that their devices automatically understand what they want them to do.

Inspired by human nature, our XENSIV™ sensors are designed to enable various innovative use cases spanning all kinds of smart devices. For us, it could be a sensitive radar sensor with integrated antennas. For you, it could be “eyes” on a smart screen that know when the screen is actually needed. Our sensors are whatever you want them to be. You can rely on the best performance and the highest quality in the market, backed by our commitment to partner with you. Team up with us to build devices taking effortless user interaction to the next level.