Fields of research

To meet our responsibility for a better world tomorrow, we research, develop and produce along a wide range of challenges. If you would like to conduct research on one of the following main topics, then get ready for our Mission Future and apply for admission to our PhD program.

We are looking for researchers in the fields of:

  • Chemical analysis and elemental mapping
  • Electrical failure localization methods
  • Physical & optical surface characterization
  • Quantitative imaging and computer vision
  • MEMS & MOEMS (Technology & Application Development)
  • Microcontroller (Technology & Application Development)
  • Power Electronics (Technology & Application Development)
  • RF & Wireless controll
  • Security & Smart Card solutions
  • Sensors (Technology & Application Development)
  • Chip Design (Methodology & Application)
  • Toplevellayout (RFGAN)
  • Toplevellayout (Sensors, RF&Wireless controll)
  • AI Algorithms (Development & Application)

  • IT Methodology (Knowledge of how to build and operate IT Solutions)

  • Simulation, Modelling and Digital Twins

  • Application Technology Stack:
    Knowledge about major IT enabling technology solutions, their underlying platforms and specific methodologies and standard. DB Technologies, Integration, UI, Enterprise Platform. SW Dev, Requ. Eng, Design, Test & Release
  • Business IT Solutions:
    (Knowledge about Business Processes/Data and their implementation in the IT landscape and Business Domains. Supply Chain, Sales, Enterprise, R&D, Cost of Sales, General & Administration)
  • Information Engineering:
    Knowledge about document, information & data management their underlying platforms and specific methodologies and standards. Information & Data Mgmt, BI, AI, Document Mgmt, Master Data
  • Infrastructure:
    Knowledge about hard- network, -security and software which is mandatory for the IT Infrastructure providing Cloud Native Architectures
  • Knowledge and Application related to Natural Language Processing & Language Models
  • Statistics, Stochastic
  • Anomalie detection and failure prediction
  • Automation & Digitisation in Production and Laboratory
  • Control concepts & fast decision making & problem-solving
  • Data Science & Big Data Analysis
  • Development and optimization of chemical and physical processes for semiconductor production. (Litho/Etching/CVD/PVD/Implantation/Galvanic/Metrology)
  • Electrical Test Engineering
  • Heterogeneous Integration
  • Laser Technology & Application in Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Pattern recognition and defect classifications
  • Reliability Testing & Prediction
  • Robotics, Handling Systems and Material
    Transport for Production (HW/SW)
  • SOI and Carrier Technology
  • Thin Wafer & Ultrathin Wafer Technology
  • Corrosion and Material Degradation
  • Material Science &  Reliability
  • Material Simulation and Prediction Modelling
  • Metallurgy, Alloys and Multimetal sytems
  • Nano- and 2D-Materials
  • Porous Materials
  • Surface and Interface Characterisation
  • Wide Band Gap Materials (SiC & GaN)
  • Applications for energy conversion chain
    (from generation to consumption)
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Battery management
  • E-Mobility
  • Energy harvesting / Sensors
  • Energy Storage and Charging
  • Gas Sensing Technology (Development & Application)
  • Inductive Sensors: position, angle (Development & Application)
  • Integrated Silicon Battery Technology (Development & Application)
  • IoT Applications
  • Laser Projection Technology, augmented reality,
    head-up displays (Development & Application)
  • Magnetic sensors: speed, position, angle, current, switches (Development & Application)
  • Medical/ Health/ Lifestyle applications
  • Microphone Technology (Development & Application)
  • Optical Time-of-flight sensing technology (Development & Application)
  • Pressure Technology (Development & Application)
  • Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Networking
  • Radar Technology (Development & Application)
  • RFID/NFC-Technology (Development & Application)