CES 2023

As a leader in IoT and power systems, we have the technologies, innovative drive, collaborative spirit, and agility to drive decarbonization and digitalization. Various hands-on demos will provide impressive proof of how we have teamed up with customers and partners to accelerate the delivery of concrete, value-adding answers to today’s green and digital transformation challenges.

At CES 2023, we'll have two areas where you can learn about our latest technology and meet with our team face-to-face. In the Venetian ballrooms Titian 2204 and 2205, discover innovative, intelligent, and secure IoT solutions for a sustainable future. Visit us in the West Hall at booth 3829 to see how our dependable electronics in automotive for a sustainable future.

We invite you to visit our digital platform for those who cannot make it to CES in person. It is also the perfect hub to dive deeper into the various technologies we'll showcase at CES 2023 – both during and after the event.

Driving decarbonization and digitalization. Together.

Visit us at one of our two booths or panel to learn how we are addressing decarbonization and digitalization