Discovering Bluetooth® v5.4
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Discovering Bluetooth® v5.4

Webinar Date: On-demand

The Bluetooth® v5.4 core specification introduced features that expanded the capabilities and scope of Bluetooth® technology to target key applications like electronic shelf labels (ESL) and wireless battery management systems (WBMS). Such features include Advertising Coding Selection, Encrypted Advertising Data, and Periodic Advertising with Responses (PAwR).

In this short webinar, we will review the new features defined in Bluetooth® v5.4 and discuss, both, the special capabilities they enable and their impact. In addition, we will explore application examples that illustrate the advantages offered by the latest Bluetooth® specification, including higher energy efficiency and scalability.

Join us and learn how Bluetooth® v5.4 extends the reach and lifecycle of existing and future Bluetooth® products.

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