his basic 3V3 TC397XA ADAS Application Kit offers limited access to signals, for early evaluation purposes. An additional touchscreen display offers convenient handling.

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Summary of Features:

Infineon’s TC397XA  AURIX™ 2G Controller in LFBGA-292 ADAS Package 

  • LCD XGA Display 320x240 
  • SD card slot (mini-SD) 
  • High-Speed CAN Transceiver (CAN FD capable) 
  • USB to UART bridge – Ethernet Gigabit PHY 
  • LIN Transceiver – Crystal 20MHz (default) or External Clock 
  • USB miniWiggler JDS for easy debugging
  • 4 Low Power Status LEDs 
  • RTC with alarm 
  • Acoustic beeper 
  • 100mm x 100mm


The Application Kit TC3X7 ADAS offers a wide variety of connectors: 

  • Standard power connector 
  • Micro USB connector for ASC Interface (ASC0) and miniWiggler 
  • RJ45 connector for Ethernet (if Ethernet supported by assembled CPU) 
  • 16-pin header for JTAG interface (OCDS)
  • 10-pin header for DAP – 10pin (2x5) Header for LIN Transceiver (LIN) 
  • 10pin (2x5) Header for CAN High-Speed Transceiver (CAN0) 
  • two 40-pin connectors with I/O signals 
  • mini SD card slot 
  • 60pin (2x30) high speed connector for MMIC/RIF

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