KIT_A2G_TC387_3V3_TFT Application Kit

This basic 3V3 TC387 Application Kit offers limited access to signals for early evaluation purposes. An additional touchscreen display offers convenient handling.

The Evaluation Board allows easily the development of TriCore applications with the corresponding tools. Subsequently, the applications can be downloaded and can be tested with powerful debugger software. 


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Summary of Features:

  • Infineon’s TC387 AURIX™ in LFBGA-292 Package
  • LCD XGA Display 320x240
  • SD card slot (mini-SD)
  • High-Speed CAN Transceiver (CAN FD capable)
  • USB to UART bridge
  • Ethernet Gigabit PHY
  • LIN Transceiver
  • Crystal 20MHz (default) or External Clock
  • USB miniWiggler JDS for easy debugging
  • 4 Low Power Status LEDs
  • RTC with alarm
  • Acoustic beeper –
  • 100mm x 100mm

Connectors :

The Application Kit TC387 offers a wide variety of connectors:

  • Standard power connector
  • Micro USB connector for ASC Interface (ASC0) and miniWiggler
  • RJ45 connector for Ethernet (if Gigabit Ethernet supported by assembled CPU)
  • 16-pin header for JTAG interface (OCDS)
  • 10-pin header for DAP
  • 10pin (2x5) Header for LIN Transceiver (LIN)
  • 10pin (2x5) Header for CAN High-Speed Transceiver (CAN0)
  • two 40-pin connectors with I/O signals
  • mini SD card slot

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